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All of our services are currently being offered VIRTUALLY. YOUniquely FIT is dedicated to helping young adults with special needs develop and maintain a more positive and beneficial lifestyle through physical fitness, nutrition, and communication not only for themselves but for their families. Please see our services below to view our customized training options for YOU! 

functional movement coaching

We take the labor out of the exercising because we like having fun while we train!

strength & coordination

Our focus on strength & coordination involves much more than the development of weak or atrophied muscle groups. In STRENGTH, we test the mental fortitude of our athletes by facilitating energetic situations and studying their responses. This type of training will build more than muscle; it will contribute toward developing the athletes emotional strength and resolve, which we believe to be equally or more important than just physical fitness. In COORDINATION, we serve a wide variety of people, many of whom suffer from mobility issues and typically need additional assistance to perform exercises correctly. Coordination naturally begins to improve as athletes become physically stronger, but it often remains a challenging part of their sessions. Even when an athlete arrives at the gym tired, upset, or struggles to persevere, our Development Coaches celebrate the inherent strength revealed by each athlete’s willingness to keep showing up. From there, we simply train them to build on that strength.

Exercise is meant to be challenging, but not impossible. Our Development Coaches at YOUniquely FIT possess intimate knowledge of physical health, which enables them to give the insight required to make exercise less
stressful — and more rewarding — for athletes who initially perceive certain tasks as insurmountable.


Athleticism focuses more on cardio techniques. This service is primarily directed toward improving overall heart health, by helping our athletes to lose weight, become agile, and cultivate good habits that will produce daily energy. Strength, Coordination and Athleticism are naturally interrelated. The development of one will aid in conquering the other and visa versa. Our specifically tailored programs are designed to meet typical exercise goals such as: increasing fitness and strength; building muscle and confidence; boosting cardiovascular endurance; and increasing attention span, energy, and vitality. This program takes into account each person holistically, and gives them the skills and practices necessary to support physical, emotional, and mental control in their lives.

Healthy lifestyle guidance


We all know that what you eat is important. Yet, equally important is when you eat, especially if you have an active routine. The YOUniquely FIT program, led by our Development Coaches Mike Frew and Bryan Yaple, gives you long-term tools and guidance to build a nutrition plan that is tailored to the individual, and will ultimately support a healthier lifestyle.


Adults with special needs and learning disabilities often have difficulties with both communication and communicating. At YOUniquely FIT we understand that in order to coach our participants in developing effective communication practices we must first be aware of our own communication skills and how we communicate. Every person is different in the way they communicate, so it is important to advance different strategies geared toward the individual’s needs, while at the same time promoting skills that are universal, and encourage positive and healthy communication with every interaction.



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