Our Team

For the last 10 years a group known as YOUniquely Fit has been dedicated to helping people with special needs develop and maintain a more positive and beneficial lifestyle.






At the age of 8 – Founder, Michael Frew, was diagnosed with a learning disability. As a result of living with his disability, Mike began to value an individualized style of education and training in smaller classes, that catered to his needs by utilizing his strengths. For nearly 10 years as a volunteer coach for Special Olympics and growing relationships with teens and young adults with special needs, Michael has acquired many unique skills as well as bonds with individuals in service to those with special needs. Over the course of this time, Michael started voluntary motivational coaching in his backyard to assist people with special needs.  With years of experience and an already outstanding ability to give without hesitation or expectation, Michael is an excellent model for our team and for all.

Co-Founder Bryan Yaple, joined forces with Michael in July of 2019.  Bryan provides years of athletic experience and his ability to easily connect with anybody makes for a powerful duo to lead YOUniquely Fit. Bryan’s compassionate and enthusiastic attitude bring bright energy to the group keeping motivational sessions exciting and fresh.


Occupational Therapist

Katie is licensed and registered occupational therapist in the state of Virginia. She specializes in pediatrics and school-based therapy since 2004.  She is certified in Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT), the only non-medicated treatment for motor and vocal tics. Katie is also a certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer by the Adaptive Training Academy. 



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